Our truck, some time we call it lorry, is a kind of engineering machinery used to transport cargo, containers and other heavy goods. We can supply all kinds of trucks that is various sizes, with powerful engine, and configuration of modernization, no matter they are mechanical or automatic ones to meet your needs. It can also use fire trucks, concrete mixers, and suction excavators, and be equipped with gasoline or diesel engine for special purposes. We can classify them as dump trucks, tractor trucks, cross-country trucks, and special trucks (fire fighting trucks, ambulances, oil tank trucks, and tow trucks), etc, according to the application.
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Company Name: Shanghai Longji Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.
Add: No.177,Xinxiao Road ,Songjiang District, Shanghai City, China
Post Code: 201612
Tel: +86-21-541-71571
Fax: +86-21-541-71572
E-mail: info@shlongji.com
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