Description of XCMG Compact Wheel Loader

The compact wheel loader is small size engineering machinery. Special designed for loading, unloading, bulldozing, excavating, lifting and drawing material like slack things in mines, asphalt, demolition debris, dirt, gravel, logs, raw minerals, rock, sand, wood chips in engineering construction site. The machine can work more flexible and agile even in narrow area for its small in size. The full hydraulic load sensing steering system and single–pump-valve-priority hydraulic working system adapted in this machine can make the whole machine more energy saving and efficient. The turning radius is a much smaller one, which makes the machine especially suitable for working in narrow site and more flexible and agile.

Type of XCMG Compact Wheel Loader

F series LW300F, K series LW300K, K series LW400K

Typical one

Specifications of F series LW300F XCMG Compact Wheel Loader
Item Parameter Unit
Rated load 3.0 t
Bucket capacity 1.8 m3
Dumping 2892 mm
Dumping distance 1104 mm
Max. drawing force ≥120 kN
Max. traction ≥90 kN
Dimension (Length × × ) 6905×2470×3028 mm
Operating weight 10.0 t
Boom lifting time 5.65 s
Total time of three devices 10.3 s
Wheelbase 2600 mm
Min. turning radius (bucket outer) 5925 mm
Rated power 92 km/h
Travel speed I Gear (Forward/Backward) 0~10/14 km/h
II Gear (Forward/Backward) 0~16/25 km/h
III Gear (Forward) 0~21 km/h
IV Gear (Forward) 0~35 km/h
Boom Parameter
Bucket capacity 1.5/1.8 m3
Rated load 2.6/2.6 t
Dimension (Length × × ) 7127×2470×3028;7226×2470×3028 mm
Dumping 3253/3200 mm
Dumping distance 1051/1142 mm
Operating weight 10.2/10.2 t
Attachment parameter-grasping grass
Dumping 2948 mm
Dumping distance 2036 mm
Clamp body 2200 mm
Max. opening 2800 mm
Attachment parameter-clamp(III)
Dumping 2551 mm
Dumping distance 837 mm
Min. circle diameter 590 mm
Max. opening 1700 mm
Attachment parameter-side dump
Bucket 2650 mm
Dimension 7.25×2650×3028 mm
Dumping (straight/side) dumping 2725/3524 mm
Dumping distance(straight/side) dumping 1109/175 mm
Lifting (straight/side) dumping 4980/5928 mm
Attachment parameter-Sliding fork
Fork folding angle 17.2°
Attachment length 1575 mm
Attachment 1980 mm
Attachment 1200 mm
Fork teeth length 1050 mm
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