The excavator, which is also called digger, is mainly made up of boom, bucket and cab on a rotating platform. There are compact excavators (or mini excavators) and heavy duty excavators, depending on the size. It is usually equipped with loaders and bulldozers, and the wheeled, compact and some medium sized (11 to 18 tone) excavators have a backfill (or dozer) blade.

The undercarriage and the house are the key sections of an excavator. The undercarriage includes the blade, tracks, track frame, and final drives. It has a hydraulic motor and gearing which can provide the drive to the individual tracks. While, the house mainly includes operator cab, counter weight, engine, fuel and hydraulic oil tanks. The house is attached to the undercarriage by a center pin, which allows the machine to slew 360°.
This kind of engineering machinery and construction equipments are widely used to level or push material back into a hole. In the construction site, its main work is digging of trenches, holes, foundations, brush cutting, lifting and placing of pipes, mining, river dredging etc.

We supply crawler excavator of mini excavator, medium crawler excavator and swamp buggy excavator from 1.6 ton to 44 ton operating weight range and equipped with world-class components. For amphibious excavator, we offer range from 0.2 to 1.1 m3 bucket swamp buggies, with operating reach from 9 meters to 15.5 meters.

Wheel excavator we offer is equipped with original imported Cummins engine, original imported Kawasaki pump, original imported TOSHIBA or Parker valve and motor. With the combination of the latest advanced hydraulic technology, electrical system and structural engineering, it provides for the most reliable and efficient performance


Crawler Excavator
XE135B, XE150D, XE215C, XE215CLL, XE235C, XE260CLL, XE265C, XE335C, XE370CA, XE470CA, XE700C, XE900C

Compact Crawler Excavator (Mini Crawler Excavator)
XE15, XE40, XE60CA, XE65CA, XE85CA
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